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Nursing Home Transportation in Florida

Nursing Home Transportation in Florida

A nursing home is a place for someone who needs care around the clock but isn’t so sick that they have to be in a hospital. Many who live in nursing homes are seniors, but these facilities are intended for anyone who suffers a severe or debilitating illness and is unable to care for themselves. Modern nursing homes offer activities, skilled medical attention, physical therapy, and other forms of support.

Moving to a nursing home isn’t necessarily an easy step; some are relieved when the decision is made and look forward to the attention and company of a nursing home, but others can feel betrayed by their family. It is important that the family makes the decision together, and that the facility chosen is a good fit.

Many seniors live far away from their families, and when the time comes to move to a nursing home, the time might also be right to move closer to loved ones. The only problem with this reasoning is actually getting there – traveling state to state or even across the country can be hard enough for a healthy person. Someone who needs the care of a nursing home might not be up to traveling that far in the passenger seat of a car or on a commercial plane. Call Us for more information and a free quote.

How Are We the Best Nursing Home Transportation in Florida?

This is when nursing home transportation comes in. It can be hard to trust a loved one to a medical transportation company, and some things to consider are:

  • Is the service designed around the needs of your loved one?
  • Is the vehicle used safe, comfortable, and dependable?
  • Does the personnel know how to transfer and care for patients?
  • Can the company accommodate dietary needs?
  • Will the transport arrive when the company says it will?
  • Is there an onboard restroom?
  • Will your loved one have to travel backward?

Special Needs Transportation stands on all the norms.

Special Needs Transportation is like a medically equipped motor home. Both types of vehicles are heavy, have a long wheelbase, and are equipped with the special suspension to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Each coach is equipped with a comfortable hospital bed with memory foam and a constant airflow mattress. Your loved one can sit up and look out the window if they so choose, or lie down and take a nap.

The Caring Support and Comfort of Our Coaches

The vehicles are large enough to hold a sofa, onboard kitchen, and onboard bathroom – and a friend or relative can tag along for the ride. med-coach there’s no need to worry about stopping at public restrooms, and we are pet friendly. Larger pets should wear a collar and leash, and smaller pets travel best in a crate.

A registered and experienced nurse who has contact with our company physician escorts each transport. Two professional drivers used to all kinds of weather make sure the coach gets where it’s supposed to on time. The vehicles are owned and serviced by Special Needs Transportation, and they are guaranteed to be clean and safe. Call Us for more information and a free quote.

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