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Ambulance Transportation Services in Florida

Ambulance Transportation Services in Florida

We know that finding affordable trustworthy Ambulance transportation for you and your loved ones can be challenging. Special Needs Transportation offers comfortable sedans & wheelchair accessible vehicles, specially equipped to transport individuals with cognitive or mobility challenges With Special Needs as one of the best non-emergency ambulance transportation services in Florida, you will experience a safe and professional service with trained and reliable drivers to take you for your dialysis appointments. We ensure that all of our drivers are screened with the proper licenses and certifications.

For your convenience we have a number of packages available to suit your needs. Our exclusive fleets of Minivans/Sedans are at your service once you become a member of Special Needs. It is no accident that we chose the Minivans as our preferred service vehicle. We researched all midsized vehicles that could comfortably fit four passengers and still have plenty of luggage room and a hatchback to quickly store a foldable wheelchair.

Our Minivans have a lower profile for quick and safe wheelchair transfer and many interior amenities that will make passengers feel like they are riding in luxury. All our fleet vehicles are washed daily and impeccably maintained by our in-house mechanic staff. When arranging Ambulance transport services please detail all your specific needs so WE may serve you diligently and with appropriate staff and equipment.

Our Ambulance Transportation Services

  1. Dialysis
  2. Lasik Surgery
  3. Rehab Centers
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Physical Therapy
  6. Orthopedic Surgery
  7. Outpatient Surgeries
  8. Dental Appointments
  9. Prescription Pick-Ups
  10. Medical Appointments
  11. Outpatient Plastic Surgery
  12. Long-distance and interstate
  13. Workman’s Comp Appointments
  14. ALF’s, SNF’s and Nursing Homes
  15. Hospital admissions or discharges
  16. Transportation to and from Senior Centers & Adult Day Care facilities.
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