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What makes our company stand out from the rest.

We specializing in non-emergency and wheelchair transportation in Florida. Our vast network of providers allows for competitive pricing in both industries.

Let us handle your transportation needs and be the go-to provider of wheelchair-friendly transport you need.


Our mission is to unite NEMT providers in all U.S. markets in order to provide the most affordable, comprehensive wheelchair transportation service to the public.


Our vision is to address the need for affordable qualified ON-DEMAND wheelchair transportation throughout the U.S. Providing wheelchair transportation

Seynabou Sall: Founder and Owner

The company was found by an African American woman minority. Startup motivated Seynabou Sall likes the idea of being “ready to be my own boss”. This was the primary reason she started her own business, followed by a “desire to pursue my own passion”.

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Our Specialty

Getting around in the surrounding area can be difficult for those that require special accommodations and accessible transport. Special Needs Transportation LLC takes the stress out of getting to your appointments, business, or leisure activities for those with limited mobility and special needs.

We are a locally owned and operated company. We are a non-emergency medical transportation provider committed to providing prompt, courteous, and safe transportation services.

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Vehicle Selection & Transport Team

We have minivans, full-size vans, and specialized, stretcher transport “mini-ambulance” vans, to accommodate a wide range of patient, passenger, and family situations.

All of our transport crew members are trained in safe operation of the wheelchair lifts, transportation safety features, and defensive driving, as well as patient sensitivity, elder sensitivity, HIPAA rules, and situation & response guidelines. They are all drug, alcohol, and smoke-free, and we have contests and prizes to reward excellence. Our transporters are enthusiastic about ensuring your experience is a stellar one!

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Our Responsibilities

What makes us unique from other providers is the fact that we have specific goals that drive us to provide high-quality services. Aside from our main goal of providing convenient services to clients, we also strive to:


Partnering with trained, licensed, insured NEMT providers creates the safest transportation rideshare platform. Allowing PARTNER-CONTRACTING…

Providers can negotiate larger contracts to service hospitals and other facilities directly.

Partnering with airports, event planners, funeral homes, facilities, and insurance companies directly, opportunities are endless.

Participating providers increase ways to earn money without increase driving.

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